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Please enter your search term into the field "Fulltext Search" and perform a search over the fulltext index. Or you can filter the holdings by different criteria for the genre-, medium or iconography. By entering an earliest or latest date you can refine your results chronologically. The different criteria may be combined in any combination.

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With the extended search you have the opportunity to define complex and very detailed requests. To display all etchings which were published between 1550 und 1600 for instance, you choose:
Search field=Year published, Modifier=greater than, Criterion=1549 + Conjunction=AND, Search field=Year published, Modifier=less than, Criterion=1601

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You can either enter the artists name into the field "Fulltext Search&uot; or select an engraver or inventor from one of the dropdown menus. The menus contain an alphabetical index of all artists currently available.

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You can filter the holdings by selecting different criteria from the dropdown menus of the search form. The criteria can be combined and your results further refined by defining the earliest and latest date of publication.